Always wondered how it’s like to play your favourite piece of music on the piano? Or preparing for an upcoming music exam? 

We will find the most suitable teacher from our extensive range of teachers based on your requests.  Be it for leisure or exams, our lessons are uniquely structured to ensure that individuals will enjoy the process of learning, while making a rapid and efficient progress towards their piano-playing dreams!
From Baroque, Classical, Romantic to Contemporary music, let our piano teachers take you on a musical adventure. Learn from our qualified and experienced teachers on how to play some of the masterpieces, from celebrated composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

✓ Develop creative abilities and confidence

✓ Social skill and communication

✓ Improve reading skills

✓ Improve concentration and mental sharpness

✓ Provides an avenue with others of
    similar interests


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